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 "A great business card is one that is hard to toss aside.

Your business card is the strongest, most personal piece of collateral you have. It carries a representation of your identity and how to contact you. 

My work to say the least, is quite different from most graphic designers.  I am not seeking to create a 5th Avenue style logo or design, there are plenty of talented designers who do that very well.

My clients have an entrepreneurial mindset and often may be familiar with energy fields, colors, sacred geometry or sacred fractals and how they can affect internal decision making.​ Their clients are often enticed by bio-energy fields, interested in yoga, crystals, meditation, massage and self-care.

​Massage therapists, health facilitators, authors, yoga instructors, meditation and reiki practitioners, etc., need promotional materials that represent their unique "brand".

The process starts with an interview so I can learn more about YOU.  

After meditation, my intuitive artwork usually starts with a series of uniquely designed fractal images or sacred geometry.  Often that moves into a signature logo using font type. From there we work on refinement of color and the graphic topography.

Considerations are;

​What will the design look like on a business card, web header, brochures, product labels, show banners, and other promotional materials? 

Will people be prompted to want to know more about YOU?


​If you would like to know more about how we can work together to achieve you marketing goals, set up a 20 minute free consultation on the ​Contact Page.

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