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Diana Wesley Sacred Fractal

I enjoy working with clients creating intuitive graphic design. Intuitive designs place you ahead of the pack.

For the past two years, I have also been working to bring forth a STUDIO MALL.  I am excited to announce,  I will launch the STUDIO MALL with Gifts for the Intuitive Soul, in September.

On June 10th, I'll open access to Product Portfolio, to show a sampling of some the upcoming products in our new online mall. 

The products offered will reflect creations from a few select artists plus my own intuitive designs.


IyogiYoga Mats

Silk Scarves - Silks to Love

Crystal & Sacred Stone Jewelry

Sacred Stone Grids & Labyrinths

Special Selection ~ Beautiful Horses

Decorative Home Goods

And Personal Accessories


Are you an intuitive artist? 

Submit a small sample of your work for consideration.

Stay in touch for uplifting posts and notifications of promotions - Join us on Facebook.

We'll get back to the STUDIO MALL Shortly. First lets take a moment to focus on Intuitive Graphic Design. 



 As a designer, it is most important to guide the client's intention into a creative design that matches their personality, the geographic location (big city-small community) and the nature of their business. This client loves the star lily, and chose her own color palette.  She needed images for website, business cards, signage, rack cards, and gift certificate. The star lily is now part of her signature image.  

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