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Fun Trip.  During a stop on the way to Pittsburg Landing, Idaho*, I found this beautiful feather.   Feathers are a special gift with a message, to be in gratitude.  I am so grateful to live where the air is clear, the water pure and with a life so truly blessed.

*Pittsburg Landing, Snake River, Hells Canyon.  Hell's Canyon is recognized as North America's deepest river gorge. 

You will find below links to examples of my work and a brief discussion of my qualifications, but first I must tell you my absolute priority in working with clients:  Each of us must be sure that we are a match in energy and purpose. It has to be fun and productive for both of us.  

Questions I will ask:  Why are you doing what you are doing?  And why will your customers want to buy from you, or your clients desire to work with you? 

I want to understand your vision and hear in your words how we can best evoke from your audience the emotions surrounding that vision.  Once they do feel and understand your vision, they will be motivated to take action, to achieve your desired results. 

This is where my years of training in both the science of emotional responses and and the art of graphic design, combined with intuition, come together to create subtle differences that bring about exceptional results.

With my background in Neuro Linguistics and as an Energy Psych Therapist and with over 18 years as an intuitive graphic designer, I look at the whole picture, using words that create feeling, strong visuals of color, font styles, imagery, and graphic topography to bring about a message that will bring you the results you want.

I am motivated by the joy I feel, in a lifetime of working with clients to bring about empowering change in their lives, having done this not only with energy psych therapeutic sessions, but also with the images I have created with the Sacred Healing Product Lines; as well as graphics for personal and commercial clients. I want to continue to serve people in this way, because I know I am truly helping them.  view bio

On a personal note, along with creating intuitive graphic design for clients, I have been focusing for the past two years to create a full line of Integrated Healing Art Products using not only my own designs but uplifting works by other artists. 

My passion for creating more than “just another graphic” has been experienced by hundreds in ways that have greatly influenced their lives. view testimonials

You may already have had a personal encounter with one of my Sacred Healing Images on a Healing Silk scarf, on an iYogi Mat, or you may have a Personal Soul Signature, Book Cover or Business Logo that I have created just for you. view galleries

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