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Reviews of Diana Wesley's Healing Fractal Images


I receive testimonials on a regular basis -  you may find some of the ones listed here, interesting.
Honestly, I do not have the more recent ones organized, they are in letters, thank you notes cards, phone calls, emails, often on 4 different back up drives.  Maybe someday… In the mean time these are a few mostly relating to the “Energy” of my Intuitive Designs.  DW

The Healing Fractal images used in Sacred Healing Products have been used by IyogiMats, by Healing Silks, by TimelessNow Software Programs for Kids and Adults, in Individual Soul Signatures, as well as in Energy Psychology, Energy Medicine and Energy Therapy Practices around the world since 2001. 

Now, the creator, Diana Wesley is bringing them to the International Yoga Community, the International Ho'oponopono Community, to Energy Practitioners and the Mindfulness Community around the world.  

From IyogiMats, "We have orders coming in by word of mouth referrals and are very excited about the response from the our old and new friends." We are beginning to collect testimonials. 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...

Dr. and Mrs. Emoto dancing on cruise ship with her Sacred Healing Silk Shawl designed by Diana Wesley.


FROM DR. JAMES DURLACHER, “I have found that Healing Silks make a profound difference in the body's ability to heal itself. The Healing Silks, with their unique fractal patterns and subtle energy fields, have a quiet but powerful energy, which when looked at or placed on the body, energetically stimulates the healing and restorative powers of the body to be more effective. The Healing Silks encourage and stimulate the natural innate healing in the body by a phenomenon called centering.

At first experience, it may seem like some sort of magic but the power is there and it is experienced. That is, you don't have to believe it will happen, it will!
Using manual muscle testing called applied kinesiology, when a weak (inhibited) muscle is found, it signifies a health or postural problem in the body. Looking at the Healing silk pattern or placing a Healing Silk on the body will strengthen (facilitate) the muscle immediately as if someone turned on a switch!
The pattern on the Healing Silks is made up of a number of overlaying sacred geometry patterns called 'fractals.' Fractals are found in nature such as the crystal patterns that make snowflakes. They are also found in flowers and leaves, which also have healing powers. This is one of the reasons flowers are so comforting to the sick and bereaved. Far more that just beauty, they help the individual heal.
The most dramatic change I have seen is in a patient whose neck was broken in an accident 25 years ago. When I first saw him his right arm was useless and just hung at his side with the exception that he could slightly move his fingers on that hand. After some testing on other muscles in his body I found that while he looked at the Healing Silk or when placing it on his body, it made the weak muscles in other parts of his body strong. I suggested that he get a Healing Silk scarf to see what it would do for his arm that had been useless for 25 years. In just two weeks he reported that he had started to feel sensations in his arm he hadn't felt in twenty-five years!

Healing Silks are recommended to all my patients. - Dr. James V. Durlacher

FROM LESLEY ANNE VINCENT, In my experience, I have found that your Healing Silks with their inspired designs amplifies the Divine Geometry at the cellular level. The fractal frequencies actually align separated aspects of all the wearer's energies into a unified field.  Each Healing Silk carries 'notes' - a frequency - on the 'Light and Sound Rays.' Those 'notes' intonate the correct pattern in the field, in the meridian, and in the cells of the wearer. ~ Lesley Vincent - Master, PATH of the SACRED HEART

FROM TANYA, I am writing to tell you that I really love the Healing Silk scarf I got in last week. It is just beautiful and has the most sumptuous energy imbedded into it that is very powerful. I have sent energy to quite a few friends and people through it and they have been in awe at the results. I am too, Once again I thank you for offering these to us. I am positive you will be very successful in your endeavors with them. ~Tanya Sanchez

FROM PEGGY BLACK, My first experience with the Healing silks came as an invitation to check out this new website.  I was so moved by the images and the energy that was offered by the designs, I returned to the site several more time to just view the beauty and the subtle energy message that was being offered. Several weeks later I was the ceremonialist for the sacred water ceremony for the "Ocean of Gratitude" cruise with Dr. Emoto. I was incredibly honored and grateful when I received my beautiful healing silk scarf as a gift. I have wore it almost every day since...I have slept with my healing silk gently tuck around my neck. It has been one of the things I pack when I travel because it offers me an energetic embrace and a sense of anchoring. Diana, has created a wonderful visual gift that carries the healing and vibrations of peace and comfort. It is truly healing silk. ~Peggy Black, Sacred Sound Salutarist, Spiritual Synergist, Transducer and Scribe.

FROM SUZI, I read Joe Vitale's newsletter today and there was YOUR NAME! And a  link to your website. How fantastic! I'll bet you can't stop smiling about that. I know I love my scarf, and obviously he loved his. The other day I was feeling really rocky when I got up so I just wrapped myself up and felt better. Thanks again and so happy Joe is spreading the word too. ~Suzi

FROM DEBBIE, Thank you for making it possible for me to have the healing shawl you shipped overnight. My significant other is on chemo, we are also self employed with a retail business open 7 days a week in the process of selling along with this wedding (it goes on and on...!)
Bottom line, I LOVE my Healing Silk shawl. It is beautiful as I knew it would be. I am also impressed with the energy I felt immediately as soon as I opened it! Wow.
You went beyond the call of duty and I am forever grateful and impressed.
The wedding went off wonderfully in spite of raining/thunderstorms all day. I took my shawl when I got my makeup and hair done to show the colors. The girls were impressed - I wrote down your website... As far the wedding, it didn't matter. I had my shawl to keep me grounded and focused on what was important. For that, I've forever grateful. Thank you! ~Debbie   
P.S. I sincerely hope you have a phenomenal booming business that you so well deserve.

FROM MARY JANE RYAN, Thank you for the beautiful silk scarf. My ten year old wore it like a cape most of the cruise, which helped her combat a seasick stomach. I intend to pass it on to a friend who's turning 65 who's had a lot of health challenges in her life. Blessings on your path, ~MJ Ryan

FROM JAN, I am the lucky recipient of your beautiful healing scarf. I won the contest and sailed home on your silky waves....on the Ocean of Gratitude Cruise. Your presence was felt by all. I am taking the scarf now to "Dance Your Prayers" in Santa Rosa where I shall flaunt it and flow it for all to see. It' is a true treasure. I will spread the word about Healing Silks. Be well. Many blessings and much gratitude, ~ Jan St. John

What others are saying....


FROM MAUREEN, Upon placing my Sacred Healing Symbol on my lap in meditation, I found my Sacred Healing Symbol had a heartbeat, which mirrored my own physical heartbeat and Spirit shared the following message....Your Sacred Healing Symbol is a gift from Spirit to remind you of God's Love and Perfection in creating you.  It is a visual representation of the perfect God  It is your Soul Signature ...your Soul Totem.  It is your essence as seen by Spirit or God.
The Sacred Healing Symbol contains the perfection of the 7 Etheric Bodies.  It contains your Highest Vibration...Your Highest Good...and will transport you back to the moment of your creation by Spirit or God.  It is the most powerful healing tool Spirit has given us as man is a visual species.  It comes from Spirit now, in order to heal Mankind, so that we remember that we are all One. Place it, with love, in your heart to heal all of your Etheric bodies.  I have! ~ Maureen L, New York

FROM CINDY, I have been meaning to email you and tell you that using my energy mandala has had a healing effect. I used the picture you sent me to make small copies of the mandala and I keep one in the front seat of my car and one in my workbag.I visualize the mandala being placed over certain parts of my body and spinning and clearing and healing.  ~ Cindy, New York

FROM LEAH, My Sacred Healing Signature is beautiful. Thank you, for your incredible gift to the world.  May you be so blessed with abundance and prosperity for the work you are doing. ~ Leah, Scottsdale, AZ.

FROM CATHLIN, “We have ours hanging on the wall. That way the energy is present to us at all times. When I look at it on my computer I like to zoom in on it, tune in and feel it. Very restful and soothing.”  Blessings,  ~ Cathlin B, Arizona

FROM LEAH S., "I really appreciated my experience with Diana.  She helped me feel welcomed, and made my whole experience fun and exciting.  Diana is truly talented and gifted with her inner intuitive compass.  I highly recommend, "Sacred Healing Signature". 
Just seeing this beautiful artwork melts the stress off of my whole being.  I feel very blessed to have my own customized symbol in my life.  It helps gives me a boost, and keeps me motivated in my life's purpose."~ Leah S, 

FROM L'IV, "My Sacred Healing Symbol really resonates with my vibration. When I focus it really draws me in to a where it feels like we are continually Merging in a Quantum Dance of Energy.When I don't focus, as in just a glance in passing, the Sacred Symbol brings a smile to my face and Peace in my Heart. I keep it near my computer and glance and focus often." ~ L'iv, Traveler

FROM LINDA, My Sacred Healing Signature mandala created by Diana has been a gift of healing and light. My large mandala hangs in my healing room and I notice people's eyes wander to it as it captures their attention while it seems to "move" gracefully as if in a dance.
Meditation with my Sacred Healing Signature is always a beautiful experience lighting the way to growth and allowing releases to take place with ease and grace.
My business cards with my Sacred Healing Signature are kept under people's pillows, in their wallets and cars. Its gentle energy soothes the spirit as it rests nearby.” ~ Linda C, Canada

FROM EVELYN, Diana, the Healing Signature logo and animation you created for the Global Union of Love Project makes me feel awe each time I look at it.
It so expresses the hope and vision of a New Earth and the work of the Project. It keeps me going on the work of bringing the project into reality.
Thank you so much for this beautiful creation. ~ Evelyn S, Sedona, AZ

FROM DIANA, I attached a poem that came one day. I use this image of the Emerald/ Violet/ Pink-Rose Fire (EVPR) daily. I run the Violet Consuming Flame from Mother earth up through me and all I can assist and run the EVPR down, enfolding me and all I can assist, until complete for this day. These affect cellular DNA and RNA memory bringing Peace, Transformation and Flow. It is really powerful for bringing our magnificence through.
One person shared with me how powerful she felt it when she first gazed upon it, more than any image to date for her. Keep lighting! I will continue to be a wind beneath your wings.

Our New Creation ~ Sing-a-Long
Emerald ~ Violet Fire of Light
Birth us new in Infinite Grace.

With Eyes to see ~ Ears to hear and
A Heart to feel our own place
In this most beautiful Sight

Oh ego ~ come along
Beyond appearances and
Sing a new song
Spirit continually hums he/r Song

Be still ~ Listen ~ Feel ~ See
and let your Soul
Sing along.
~Diana Hollcraft , AZ

FROM DJ, I was so very thrilled with the Sacred Healing Signature done for me.  If I remember correctly, I threw out several colors I liked ¬ but that was it.  I was a little nervous and excited as I really didn't know what to expect.
I have been blown away with the design.  Some of the significant symbols, colors and numbers of recurring items showed up in my design.  I knew instantly it was me.  Thank you Diana.  This is incredible work and now I can my business cards and logo based on “MY ENERGY”.  What an incredible experience.  Love the Movement, Love the Flow, Love the colors!  Right ON!!!
Items that really resonated are:
The center appears to be an eye..the doorway to my soul and also the opening of the heat-soul as it comes into a heat shape.
Also, the design shows the 'star of David' at the core but it seems to be in movement which makes total sense to me.
The pink surrounding appears to me as a dove encircling the heart/eye - making is a safe haven to express myself.
The orange….FAVORITE color ever but also my soul color that I came in with.  Violet recognizes that the violet flame work is present in my life.
Numbers presented that are significant are 1, 4, 6.  Outer circles/spirals define the major areas of my life and the constant movement are the connecting and blending of them…as well as the newer beliefs and my purpose are really coming in….the potentials ready to enter and take on significance.
That is what I am seeing. By changing the background it really brought forth the vibrancy and better defined the work.  I love both…it is beautiful.  Thank you! ~ DJ

FROM CLOUDSIFTER, Writing about how I use my personal fractal is like touring my moods….how I use it depends a lot on how I feel, and what I want to feel after the experience. I use it a lot in my editing and writing work.
Since that is the part that might perhaps interest others, as an illustration of how they can bring the spiritual into the working world, let me explain my paths into the pattern.
The outer parts of the design are like feathery dandelion spirals, and I can make them spin in my mind in a leisurely fashion if I want to just relax and fluff up my mind for a bit. This is especially good after a period of intense editing work, when, for example, I have been putting myself into an author's mind, working out how to say what they want to say in a way that fits their style, and still improves on it. Not imposing my own style is crucial to the way I like to work, and takes a fair amount of discipline, with an attendant need to unwind.
What I call the "Starpods" are the part of the design that connects the spirals to the center. These are where the dreamseeds are. They are the place for my mind to pluck out new thoughts, and plant them in my subconscious before I go to sleep.
When I want to focus, I look at the blue jewel in the very center, then imagine it growing larger and more glowing, until it is the only point in the design I am really aware of. This puts me in the place where I can go on to some task that requires concentration and perseverance.
The oval shapes at the bottom are like earrings and a pendant to me. They are the accessories to my feelings and thoughts. When I want to feel a little glamorous and posh in my writing, in addition to my usual accurate and clear-sighted, these shapes lead me over to the bling side and allow what I call the P.G Wodehouse and Oscar Wilde side of me to emerge. They both used extravagant and very precise, lovely language that upon occasion I like to emulate, when the situation is right.
One other thing:  I'm best using it in silence, with only the birds outside the window as background. Music is actually a distraction for me, because I am so drawn into it that it takes my mind away from the exercise. But you should try it, by all means. It may add a whole new dimension for you that it does not for me.
~ Cloudsifter,  Portland, OR

FROM DIANA, My first experience, I just opened and let it come in, feeling the colors and the resonating energy. The calm, peaceful and yet energetic spin felt familiar and activating. When I spin it in my heart, through my chakras up into the heavens and down into Mother Earth, I feel connected and deeply peaceful.   Then spinning it through every cell of my body, I am expansive and flowing with all that is. I AM.
I also spin the mandala in tight and painful areas of my body. I often feel release and at times adjustments in the affected areas. It's like healing my physical body self into my full flowing Spirit Self.  I am in gratitude for this visual tool of my inner reality.
Thank you, Diana Wesley, for your in-tuneness, in timelessness, you bring forth the Soul Print of my own Sacred Geometry~ fractal.  ~ Diana

What others are saying....

FROM ANDREA, I've been using the Money Energizer in my wallet for several years now to assist me in manifesting my financial abundance. It does work! I'd like to pass this gem of a tool on to you, our Sacred Sites Journeys readers.
So many of us on the spiritual path have tried all the woo-woo tricks in the book. We've written our "dream list" and have slept with it under our pillow. We've visualized everything about our dreams right down to every detail. We've even practiced reciting affirmations over and over, saying aloud for the neighbors to hear as we walk the dog, "I now have all the money for my dreams. I now have a new wonderful __________ that is just perfect for me!" and yet - it still hasn't worked.
We're still struggling -- with something…Feeling lack of, not enough, or unfulfilled in the work we do, more annoyed than ever that all the MAGIC did nothing but make us feel foolish, and cause the neighbors (and the dog!) to look at us with pity and concern. 
What's are we to do?

Read on!
There is a technique that is used by many of the world's spiritual traditions and religions, that can lead to incredible spiritual development. And, what most modern seekers do not realize is that this same technology can lead to dramatic financial growth as well. 
It is used by Catholics (Hail Mary anyone?), Hindus, and Buddhists, as well as others. What is this magic secret? It's the regular recitation of mantras, spiritual words or phrases that carry an energetic vibrational
frequency that can supercharge any area of your life.
ADD NOW, the VISUAL impact of the Money Energizer while reciting the mantra, "I energize my wallet with this messenger of wealth, and I add to my good fortune with a prayer for my good health. One creates great happiness while the other provides the ability to give to those less fortunate than I."

Then all you have to do is FOCUS - put your attention on what you DO want, and if and when your thought wanders to what you want to get rid of, simply choose to shift it back to focusing on what you want. Period.
This ancient wisdom works on the energy centers of the body to balance your masculine and
feminine energies and thus increase your own capacity for more money in your life, to allow you
to manifest your dreams and more. So, you see. There ARE magic words to make your wishes
come true - you just need to add the Energy of the Money Energizer! Put one in your wallet, and
one in your checkbook and most important pass them out to your friends and family. There's
plenty of abundance for everyone… PASS it FORWARD. ~ Andrea Mikana-Pinkham Founder/Director Sacred Sites Journeys

FROM LINDA, Hello friends, I have been on a quest this weekend to find a meditation shawl to take camping with me.  I found several I like and I have ordered them.  One site I found offers “Healing Silk Scarves” and while visiting their site I found The Money Energizer that they offer at no cost.  You just download it and print it and carry it in your wallet.  Read the directions and download your copy here: (New Link will be published) I printed mine front and back and laminated them before placing them in my purse. You will also find this Mantra to use with The Money Energizer.
“I energize my wallet with this messenger of wealth, and I add to my good fortune with a prayer for my good health.  One creates great happiness while the other doth provide the ability to give to those less fortunate than I.”
Money IS Energy!
In love and gratitude, ~Linda Miller

FROM C.L., "It Works!" - C.L. (Energy Worker)

FROM J.B.,"Finally, a structured manifest tool that my business (owner) clients can use to get into a better head space allowing them to focus on the positive "creation" of business rather than the negative "lack of" and....get results!" - J.B. (Business Consultant)

FROM S.D, This is ..."The Secret" behind "The Secret" - S.D.

FROM THREE FRIENDS, Two of my friends and I decided we would approach this meditation with open minds and hearts to see how far we could push it. Each of us wrote our intentions to burn in the ceremony but made a copy of them to keep in our pockets. We did the meditation ceremony together and immediately left for the casino. Our collective intention was to enjoy the evening together no matter what. Five minutes into the casino, I felt drawn to a particular machine and felt that "knowing". I sat down, put a $20.00 bill into the machine and hit SPIN. Five spins into it, I hit a jackpot of $1,046.36. After a round of high fives I remembered my copy of my intention set during the ceremony. I pulled it out and showed it to my friends. It read "$1,000 or more". We started walking around the casino for one of my friends to find his machine. When he was drawn to one in particular he sat down, put a $20.00 bill into the machine and hit SPIN. Six or seven spins into play we were repeating the high five performance. His win was $517.80 ... his intention "$500 or more". Now it was time for the "skeptical" one in the bunch to play. We walked around for a few minutes until he felt a pull towards a particular machine. Again, a $20.00 bill was inserted into the machine. Five or six spins into play, he hit a bonus round that paid $323.40. His intention - $300.00 or more. Do we believe we can repeat this performance? ... certainly!!!!! ... however we all understood that in order to repeat this, we need to create not only intention and see it forward but create sustainability. One thing for certain, the state of "knowing" is a place in which we have all decided to reside...permanently! The meditation kit is our tool to do that. - G.S.,R.K. and C.L. (Three Friends)

FROM D.F., In 2006 I received one of the Money Energizers...a pretty bill sized piece of heavy paper printed with some figures and a poem on it and superimposed over money. I've carried that thing around in my billfold for years and as told...I always had money in my pocket. Recently it fell apart and I almost panicked but ordered the new Money Attractor to replace it ... WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Now I'm ordering the Money Manifest Meditation Kit. It will be a first for me but if it works like the Money Attractor does, I'll be a very happy camper...for life! D.F.

FROM S.F., I recently purchased the Money Manifest Meditation kit at the show in Phoenix and I am so glad I did. In addition I purchased the Manifest Intention scarf so when I do the meditation, I hold the scarf to infuse the intention and then carry it with me at all times. I don't usually read instructions (spending hours learning to use a can opener) but this time I did and am glad I took the time to do so. This has made me "let go" of a lot of stuff I've been holding onto that has definitely affected my ability to receive and already I am seeing results ... not only in what I receive but confidence in my ability to manifest. This is the Secret "exposed"! S.F. (Business Owner)

LOST ALONG THE WAY, “… while at the Zero Limits II seminar with Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Lin, I was gifted one of your beautiful Healing Silks.  I immediately felt an over whelming beautiful healing energy.”

FROM AYMEE, “… I fell in love with the Healing Silks.  I use them for meditation and with my clients.  They are formidable healing tool and when one of my clients is “Stuck” I use the Healing Silks to bring them back into balance.  …the results have been astonishing.” Aymee Rodriquez, The Halcyon Center, Florida

ANOTHER ONE, LOST ALONG THE WAY, “Healing silks are so wonderfully full of Divine Energy.  When I wrap myself in the long Healing Silk Shawls I feel completely enveloped in unconditional love.”

A Few TESTIMONIALS from Timeless Now (this software is no longer available).

Some of the Healthcare Professionals have offered more one than one review as they extended their use of the programs..

“I recommend the relax o rejuv stress relief series to all my patients. Lowering stress has been scientifically proven to balance Cortisol levels, which is important for weight loss, hypertension, and numerous other ailments and disease.  The relax o rejuv programs offer a natural, convenient, but most importantly effective tool to help anyone better cope with the rigors of daily life and reactive their relaxation response.” - Dr. James V. Durlacher, Chiropractic Physician

"I have been so impressed and the results so inspiring with the relax o rejuv Stress Relief System that our office has set up a computer station in the waiting room for patients to use prior to our appointment.  I also have the program on my laptop to take to the hospital for use during labor and delivery”.   - Dr. Ron Shemesh, MD, OBGYN

"My hypertension is compounded by the fact that I am also on dialysis. Since I began using this program, I am able to consistently lower my blood pressure and minimize the aftereffects of my dialysis treatments." - Robert L, Executive

“On my reading test this week, I scored 95 percent. When my teacher announced there was a tie for first place, I was shocked to be one of the winners. I couldn't believe it . . . it doesn't take as long to learn stuff. I keep learning faster and faster.”- Stephanie, Age 10

“This is my favorite brain game.  My  brain feels better every time I use it.”  - Christian, Attention Deficit Issues, Age 5

“Since our daughter began using these techniques, we have seen a remarkable improvement in her reading, concentration and math comprehension.  These methods seem to have touched her understanding of how to concentrate and comprehend ideas, thoughts and principles.  The best thing that has happened to her is that her self worth has increased so she can now learn new things!” - Casey, Contractor & Father of 6

“I was afraid to stay above the third floor in any building. I was also very nervous while flying. Interstate highway and freeway driving was very difficult in particular if I got behind a large truck. I am now completely relaxed while traveling by car or plane and can sleep in a room that is above the third floor.” -David D, Phoenix, AZ.

Healthcare Practitioners across the nation recommend Stress Relief.  The Relax Rejuv Stress Relief System for Everyone, is your doctor recommended solution.

”The relaxation response is a physical state of deep rest that changes the physical and emotional responses to stress (e.g., decrease in heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension). If practiced regularly, it can have lasting effects when encountering stress throughout the day and can improve health. Elicitation of the relaxation response is necessary in today's society.”  ~ Dr. Herbert Benson, M.D. President of Mind, Body Institute and author of The Relaxation Response.

“Stress is constant into today's lifestyle.  Relax Rejuv is necessary to help you stay focused and clear anytime.”  - Dr. Ron Shemesh, OBGYN, Pediatrician

“RR is extremely effective and an extraordinary complimentary program to use with my practice.  I recommend the Relax Rejuv interactive program and the BreathCoil to my patients. ”   Dr. James Durlacher, BA, DC, DIBAK and author of Freedom From Fear Forever

“Relax Rejuv is a major breakthrough for both doctors and our patients.  Everyone needs this program.”  Dr. Patricia Ryan, PhD, Behavioral Psychologist

“Its not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it. Everyone needs natural stress relief techniques.”  Hans Selye, MD, DSc, FR S

“Fifteen years ago I became aware of the tremendous impact that stress has on disease. Since then I have committed my life to the study of stress, teaching individuals and corporations around the world how to cope with it. I have personally tried the interactive TimelessNow Relax Rejuv Stress Relief System and have never encountered a stress-relief program so enjoyable, simple, fast, and effective. It is going to revolutionize stress management, a crucial response to today's hurried society.”   Dave Rainham, MD, CCFP Medical Director, Optimum Health

“As a researcher, teacher and a holistic healing practitioner, I have explored stress, behavioral psychology, research psychology and many holistic healing modalities for almost forty years.The Relax Rejuv program offers the beauty of fractal imagery blended with an array of sophisticated and complex mental health concepts, yet are simple to use. They go beyond anything I have ever imagined in the health field.  Relax Rejuv is an extraordinary achievement. It reduces stress gently and effortlessly and the possible uses are endless.” Dr. Mikaelah Cordeo, Ph.D

"I use Relax Rejuv daily. Whenever I sit down at the computer to do some work … I spend three or four minutes first doing the three cycles of relax o rejuv™. It helps me get centered, focused, and be in my strength."

"Recommendations to my clients are made based on what this program has done for me personally. The positive results they recognize in themselves has been most beneficial in enhancing other clinical efforts"  - Meryl Hershey Beck, M.A., M. Ed, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

“As a corporate educator I assist companies in creating an effective, systemized, and lucrative business model. Stress is a major hindrance to efficiency and productivity.  Stress is an enemy to the focus and freshness, which is necessary in maintaining the corporate edge. I have been teaching stress management techniques for years and I find the Relax Rejuv stress-management system to be the most effective, simple and fun to use. I recommend employees of every corporation make use of Relax Rejuv interactive software program.”  - Bill Meyer, MBA- Life Style and Corporate Management Coach

The Relax Rejuv Stress Relief System for Kids, is doctor recommended.  Here's what a few doctors have to say: “Children need to have access to this system.  This tool will teach the children new techniques to help them with stress management.  School's can't afford not to have this system available to their student body.”  - Dr. R Shemesh, OBGYN

“This system works.  I've seen it time and time again with my patients and with the schools I work with that have their student body using the program.  It has changed lives.”  - Dr. Patricia Ryan, Behavior Psychologist, PHD

“As a chiropractor, for the past 40 years, I have confirmed in my practice the spinal column to be associated with the systems of the body as taught through Chinese philosophy.  Not only am I working to realign and manipulate the physical body, but also I work with the awareness and release of blocked emotions.  The effects these emotions have on a patient can alter the course of their life when buried and repressed.  Stress is a constant factor for my patients including the children.  Offering the Relax Rejuv Stress Relief System to faculty and students adds a whole new way dimension to learning.”  - Dr. James Durlacher, DC 

The Relax Rejuv Stress Relief System for Everyone and Kids has expanded and is now used in therapy and physican waiting rooms. “My patients come to me because of a joyful situation, the birth of a child.  However, stress is a constant factor in their lives.  Since we started our waiting room program my patients have commented time and time again how much more relaxed they feel even before giving birth.  This helps the mother and child through the most stressful part of the human process.”

“I also installed the program on my laptop and now I use it in the delivery room.  This tool has become a very successful profit center for our clinic as patients purchase it for their families and loved ones.  It is a great tool for them to use in-between visits.  Knowing they have this system in their family is important to the mission of our clinic.”  - Dr. Ron Shemesh, OBGYN

“My patients come to me for help with severe pain, a current trauma or PTSD.  I have added the Relax Rejuv Stress Relief System in conjunction with biofeedback and the other techniques I use to help my patients.  The results have been tremendous.  Especially now, having the program available for them to take home and use between visits anchors the processes we use in the office.  Our clinic is accomplishing our goal of creating an optimum treatment plan and my patients are experiencing relief.  Our clinic efficiency has increased for our patients and our referral rate has escalated.”  - Dr. Patricia Ryan, Behavior Psychologist, PHD

“As a chiropractor, for the past 40 years, I have confirmed in my practice the spinal column to be associated with the systems of the body as taught through Chinese philosophy.  Not only am I working to realign and manipulate the physical body, but also I work with the awareness and release of blocked emotions.  The effects these emotions have on a patient can alter the course of their life when buried and repressed.  Stress is a constant factor for my patients.  Incorporating the Relax Rejuv Stress Relief System Waiting Room Program has opened a whole new awareness for myself as a practitioner and has benefited my patients tremendously. I have added this program to the products I sell my patients and with the large profit margin have created the largest profit center in our clinic.” - Dr. James Durlacher, DC

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